The Global Stocktake, a key component of the Paris Agreement’s ratchet mechanism, assesses global progress every five years with the goal of informing countries’ NDC updates.

In view of the ever-increasing progress of climate change, the importance of climate risk assessments is growing. They play a major role at the municipal level in particular (cities, districts, municipalities), because it is here that precautionary action must take place in the face of the dangers of he climate crisis.

Multilateral cooperation initiatives (or “climate clubs”) can generate some of the additional action that is needed to achieve the goals agreed in the Paris Agreement.

On behalf of the German Environment Agency, a research project with the title “Impact CHAIN: the impacts of global climate change on the economy and society in Germany” was commissioned to examine the potential impacts of global climate change on the German economy through foreign trade flows.

There is a tension between research and practice in the field of cycling as well as in general in environmental policy. Numerous scientific publications and knowledge do not reach the practitioners who might benefit from them.