A joint parliamentary committee which examined the Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill 2021 has accepted several amendments made by the Union environment ministry.

The Standing Committee on Energy, present this Twenty-Seventh Report of the Committee on ‘Evaluation of Wind Energy in India’ pertaining to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

This Report of the Standing Committee on Water Resources (2021-22) deals with the action taken by the Government on the Observations/Recommendations contained in their Twelfth Report (Seventeenth Lok Sabha) on ‘Flood Management in the Country including International Water Treaties in the field of Water Resource Management with particular Referen

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs flagged the need for a single and comprehensive legislation for all the Metro rail networks in the country as opposed to the existing three Central Acts, and also raised the concerns about the low ridership in all Metros apart from Delhi and Mumbai.

A parliamentary panel has pushed the government for greater scrutiny and devising of specific codes for assessment of agricultural incomes to plug evasion of taxes.

The Standing committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas has tabled a report on ‘National Gas Grid including PNG and CNG.’ The committee appreciated the efforts of the government in the direction of increasing the share of natural gas in primary energy mix from the current 6.2% to 15% by 2030.

Observing that the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is a last “fall-back” option for many in the rural areas, a Parliamentary committee has recommended increase in guaranteed days of work from 100 to 150 under the rural job guarantee scheme.

Filling the huge investment gap in the renewable energy sector to achieve the 500 gigawatt (GW) capacity target by 2030 will be a gargantuan task, according to the 21st report by the Standing Committee on Energy presented in Parliament on 3 February 2022.

Amid concerns expressed by the industry bodies, a parliamentary panel said the proposed penalty and jail term for violation of the Pesticide Management Bill, 2020, are "essential" to check the sale of fake and spurious pesticides in the country.

This Report of the Standing Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution deals with the action taken by the Government on the recommendations/observations contained in the Eleventh Report of the Committee (17th Lok Sabha) on the subject ‘Price Rise of Essential Commodities - Causes & Effects’ pertaining to the Ministry of Cons