The Covid-19 shock is posing unprecedented challenges to advanced country governments. But, if the challenges are huge in advanced economies, they are enormously more daunting in developing economies.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is substantially impacting people’s lives and livelihoods and putting extreme stress on socioeconomic systems. International collaboration, coordination and solidarity among all is going to be key to overcoming this unprecedented global challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic will cause a dramatic drop in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows. Multinational enterprises (MNEs), local businesses, and investment have been severely affected with far-reaching social and economic repercussions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly altering the manner in which individuals engage in work activities and go about their daily lives.

The spread of the latest strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting economic and social life in multiple ways and dimensions. This crisis is unfolding at a time characterized by rapid digitilization, which is helping in the decision making process regarding response and adaptations to the situation by governments, business and consumers.

The global spread of COVID-19 exerts impact on foreign investment policies. The devastating economic effects of the pandemic are expected to drive down global FDI flows by 40%, to its lowst level of the past two decades.

The comparison with the global financial crisis can provide some insights on order of magnitude. The actual negative impact of COVID-19 could be significantly worse on several accounts.

Projections of the potential impact of the Covid-19 shock on economies around the world for the year 2020 vary widely.

The challenges to financing for development are greatest in the countries with the most to lose from declining trust in multilateralism: the least developed countries.

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