This document presents a simple approach to elaborate a scenario regarding the potential impacts of a tsunami in a city exposed to such a hazard. The approach has been tailored to span eleven typical development sectorswhich are present in every city such as health,education,housing, life-lines, transportation,
telecommunications, industry, government, etc.

The main objective of this report is to address threats to human security and well-being posed by water scarcity and quality degradation. It also aims to investigate how improved groundwater management can increase human security.

This paper highlights the impact of environmental degradation on migration. Through a gravity regression model, it assesses the impact of thirteen global environmental factors on migration flows across 172 countries of the world.

This paper focuses on the trade potential of China and India and assesses the impacts of their export growth on each other as well as on their major trade partners. The analysis reveals that the export structure of China is changing with the export shares of skill intensive and medium to high-technology products increasing and those of labourintensive products decreasing.