Ambassador of Switzerland to Bangladesh Dr Urs Herren meets Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her office yesterday.

Harmony marked the end of the climate summit in Canc

The state minister for environment and forests, Hasan Mahmud, says he is not

THE conference on climate change that con cluded last week at Cancun in Mexico was a success. It should be seen against the backdrop of last year's disastrous meet at Copenhagen.
The near-unanimity with which the Cancun agreements were adopted is, in fact, a measure of its success.

The European Union (EU) has contributed 8.5 million pounds to Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF) to help face climate change multiple impacts.

Environment minister Jairam Ramesh has been praised for his role as a bridge-builder on contentious issues at the UN climate conference here which ended with a deal to curb global warming, including a $100 billion fund to help developing countries.

The two-week long conference closed on Friday with, Cancun Agreement, which marked some progress for finance, technology, adaptation and transparenc

India must make a strong case at the ongoing U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancun for substantial international funding for carbon mitigation. There is justified disappointment that the developed countries have not delivered on the promise of a $30 billion fast start fund made last year in Copenhagen and the commitments made so far are small.

Amitabh Sinha

In the first significant announcement at the climate change conference here, the European Union put forward about $2.9 billion as its contribution to the fast-start fund that is supposed to help the most vulnerable countries in dealing with the adverse impacts of climate change.

The money is part of the nearly $10 billion that the European Union has pledged to the fast-start fu

Bangladesh on Wednesday called for billions of dollars to be made available quickly for its fight against climate change, as United Nations' environment talks entered their third day in Mexico.

Meena Menon

CANCUN: The European Union (EU) will support India's proposal for an International Consultation and Analysis (ICA), which is likely to be a controversial topic at the United Nations climate change conference here.

Sources in the EU said they were interested in an ICA but not as a condition for funding.