The developed countries have refused to share a portion of the profits they make from the international carbon trade to replenish a fund meant to help poor and developing countries adapt to climate change.

The climate change conference in Poznan, which ended last week, would be remembered for little else but the activation of the Adaptation Fund a year after it was set up.
Developing countries, including India to some extent, can now send proposals to the Fund for projects to safeguard vulnerable communities and areas against impacts of climate change and global warming.

Dec. 15: Raising deep concern over the rising emission levels in developed countries, which go against UN

Priscilla Jebaraj

The classical have and have not divide is destined to turn the climate change summit here into a failure. Forget identifying the elements that would be negotiated in Copenhagen next winter, there is a strong possibility that rich industrialized countries or Annex 1 countries could even tinker with the set principles of UN

civil society organizations have criticized the uk government of making a stealth cut to an

The aim of the recent UN climate change conference in Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia) was widely held to be two-fold. To finalise the operational details of the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund (AF), and to put together a