civil society organizations have criticized the uk government of making a stealth cut to an

Sniffing pure oxygen can regenerate worn out cells ~ but there are risks involved, writes Kate Chaillat Stressed out after a hectic day and want to relax? Spare your regular booze bar this time and hit an oxygen bar for a "shoot' that will regenerate your worn out cells

Stressed out after hectic work and want to relax? Spare your regular booze bar this time and hit an oxygen bar for an oxygen shoot to regenerate your worn out cells. But at your own risk because

The famous temple site of Angkor Wat was once much more than that. A new map shows that the magnificent temples were part of a huge urban sprawl, with an extensive rural hinterland. People here

malaria treatment has so far been uniform globally. who guidelines on symptoms of severe malaria are based on symptoms found in children in Africa. They include anaemia, jaundice and hypoglycaemia

wildlife and environmental experts say promoting ecotourism helps generate funds for wildlife protection and conservation of their habitat. But a recent study in China suggests the concept can

the use of algae as a source of biofuel has gained popularity in the last few years. In July 2007, three entrepreneurs from the uk came out with a way to feed algae by capturing carbon dioxide

it seems the us is paying for its negligence on toxic-waste trade. A recent study says the country is flooded with Chinese jewellry made out of us-exported toxic e-waste. Researchers studied

there has been a long-standing debate on whether organic agriculture can ensure global food security. Even some advocates of organic are not sure about this. A recent study claims organic farming

Asset managers are trying to take environmental and social issues into consideration when selecting companies to invest in. Mutual fund managers were originally bound by law in the us and in Europe