Temperature changes affect the susceptibility of the aged to death from coronary artery disease, brain infarctioh (blood clot) and cerebra4 haemorrhage, suggests a I I -year study by

Organisations bring some cheer to India's elderly

US President Bill Clinton has proposed an ambitious and complex programme to lower federal expenditure on health care and revamp the existing system.

The conventional belief is that animals don't live into old age, but succumb much earlier to "unnatural" causes. Recent research, however, indicates there's old age in the wild, too.

It is blueberries

Life expectancy in India will be 71 by the year 2025, says the latest World Health Report

Mercilessly lethal osteoporosis the withering of a body's bone mass may finally have met its match

Though all living beings have a finite life span, beyond a certain age, the probability of survival becomes unpredictable.