If you want to live longer, you may have to go hungry

Large portions of cultivable land may be lost to the desert in northwest China by end 1997

Demographers say world population will decline and one fifth of it would be above 50 years by 2050

An interlocking bed and wheelchair has been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which could help disabled or elderly people to move from bed to chair without help. The

By the end of the century, China will emerge as a society comprising aged people. The number of people aged 65 and above is rapidly increasing in China reflecting a change in the age structure of

A common antibiotic may be as effective as oestrogen in preventing devastating bone loss caused by osteoporosis, suggests a new study conducted in the US. Minocycline, a derivative of

Ageing population will

We can live healthy lives well into our hundreds, science claims, but is ageing really a disease that can be cured? Scientist are now looking at the mechanism of the gene that causes the rapid acceleration of ageing

Human growth hormone, the drug hyped for being able to reverse the process of aging is exposed for its inefficiency

Research looks into the DNA factor acting as a stimulant for aging