For better brain A team of scientists in the US has found that exercise has links to brain cell regeneration. The team first looked at the brains of exercising mice using magnetic resonance imaging

humans are more prone to cancer because of their body mass. However, nature has protected us somewhat from this risk by disallowing the secretion of an enzyme that rapidly heals damaged cells but

Walking improves mental faculties of the elderly

There is reason to believe that Dolly, the cloned sheep, inherited some of the wear and tear suffered by her six-year-old mother's cells. The ends of Dolly's chromosomes are shorter than those of

Thefruitflies seem to live longer on a poor diet. Why?

ARMED forces medical services have started giving a lot of importance to geriatric medicine. Studies have revealed that a large number of patients admitted to military hospitals suffer from

DNAs: the key to perpetual youth

If you want to live longer, you may have to go hungry

Large portions of cultivable land may be lost to the desert in northwest China by end 1997

Demographers say world population will decline and one fifth of it would be above 50 years by 2050