with an aim to conserve the vanishing flora and fauna of the city, the Delhi Development Authority (dda) has decided to set up a biodiversity foundation soon. The head of the foundation would be

the Andhra Pradesh Forest Develop

The fiery issue revolving Bt Cotton has little to do with farming and more with politicking

Wetlands lost to agriculture can be reclaimed with relative ease, but they will not regain their former flora and fauna without a huge effort, according to research

Molecular biologists at the University of Florida have succeeded in inoculating rye, an important European crop, against the herbicide Basta by injecting into it 2 foreign genes (Biotechnology, Vol

TWO RESEARCHERS have produced genetically altered potato tissue that can detect compounds like alcohol and drug products in body fluids. Garry Rechnitz and Ae-June Wang of the University of Hawaii in

Scientists at the National Chemical Laboratory are working on rice biotechnology in order to develop more nutritious varieties of the cereal.

THE INDIAN cotton crop, already attacked by several insects resistant to most insecticides, is now falling prey to a new insect -- the American serpentine leaf-miner. Scientists suspect this new

Pulse production in India is touching an all time high, but the benefits are reaching only a few because most farmers are ignorant about the new, easier to grow varieties, and about agronomic practices that would make the crop less of a risk.

SAVE WILD peanuts, enrich your soil. That's the latest slogan being drummed out by agronomists across the world. They have found that wild peanuts, most of which come from South America, are well