Sunita Narain profiles the man who never took half steps to development and transformed a drought-hit village into a prosperous one back in the 1980s Anna Hazare The first time I met Anna Hazare was in the mid-1980s. My colleague Anil Agarwal was travelling in search of answers to how India could regenerate lands and address desperate poverty.

Recent research on leopard behaviour shows capturing the problem animals and releasing them elsewhere only shifts the locale of the people-animal conflict. At first glance Akole taluka in Ahmednagar district seems like any other taluka in western Maharashtra’s sugarcane belt.

Corporate sector should spearhead the search for solutions to climate change, says Pachauri

Hanshlal Tusliram Hande and Bhimabai Hande had a simple formula to turn around their village, Wankute in Sangamner taluka of Maharashtra

Pesticides, despite their known toxicity, are widely used in developing countries for agricultural purposes.

In the hard-rock terrains of Peninsular India groundwater resource management cannot be generally achieved through policy and regulatory actions by government, given the extremely large numbers of individually small users and the limited institutional capacity which needs to be focused on that small proportion of critical aquifers at risk of irreversible degradation.

The peasantry in the Deccan suffered from widespread indebtedness during the 19th century. In March 1881, after touring the rural areas of Poona and Ahmadnagar districts, which were still recovering from the devastations caused by famine and the credit crunch followed by the peasant revolt of 1876-79, Mahadev Govind Ranade proposed the establishment of agricultural-shetkari banks.

Hail those who bail themselves out Move over, Dwalpment. Beyond boom-and-bust cycles, there exists the exponential effect of growing grass to bind the soil, planting trees once the soil is so held, catching every drop of water clouds supply, accounting for every drop of water demanded, and so prospering. The US Treasury cannot fathom contour-trenching, gully- plugging, grass-cutting,

The National Water Award and the Bhoomijal Samvardhan Puraskar-2007 were awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India in September 2007 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Since 2002, Hiware Bazar has been doing an annual budgeting of water assisted by Ahmednagar district's groundwater department. Every year, the village measures the total amount of water available in

The Ahmednagar lesson