Union Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan on Thursday said the proposal to declare certain parts of Uttarakhand as eco-sensitive needs to be seriously considered, in view of the calamity in tha

ALLAHABAD: Samajwadi Party (SP) national general secretary and Allahabad MP Reoti Raman Singh on Tuesday castigated the Prime Minister for his failure in stopping Uttarakhand government's plan to c

Small hydro power projects which is considered as an alternative to medium and large power projects built alongside big dam in Uttarakhand and elsewhere in the country are not environment friendly,

Bahuguna complains that ministry is delaying clearance to power projects

The environment ministry has come under fire, this time from a Congress state government, once again reopening the development vs environment debate within UPA. The chief minister of Uttarakhand has complained about the Union environment ministry to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party president Sonia Gandhi, accusing it of delaying clearances to hydel power projects in the state.

Hydropower is important. But how important? Is it important enough to dry out stretches of our rivers? Or is there a way to balance energy needs with the imperative of a flowing, healthy river?

I have been grappling with these issues for the past few months. But now that the committee (of which I was a member) on the hydropower projects on the Ganga has submitted its report, let me explain how I see the way ahead.

The Inter Ministerial Group was constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests last year and was tasked with suggesting an environmental flow for various stretches of the Bhagirathi, the Alaknanda and other tributaries of the Ganga, and to review the environmental impacts of projects proposed on these rivers.

NEW DELHI: Seeking to draw the line on litigation against power projects, the Supreme Court expressed unhappiness over resulting delays and cost escalations while dismissing a plea challenging a hydro-electric project on the Alaknanda river in Uttarakhand.

The court observed that it is ironical that while power projects face opposition from the moment they appear on a drawing board, every citizen wants uninterrupted power supply.

The Forest Advisory Committee (FAC), under the ministry of forests and environment, has scheduled yet another meeting on Friday for clearing projects in violation of the Central Information Commiss

The contentious issue of the fate of the Dhari Devi temple at the hydroelectric project in Srinagar, Uttarakhand, along the Ganga has reached the high-level panel led by Planning Commission member

Save Ganga Campaigners have expressed concern over the possibilities of the river vanishing at its source due to the upcoming or proposed hydel power projects.