the controversial rabbit calicivirus will be let loose on purpose in Australia, end of September, to decimate the rabbit population which has caused havoc in the island continent. Amidst fears

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PETER B STONE presents an objective re examination of the recent scare over the mad cow disease in Europe

Even as the mad cow mayhem in Europe has begun subsiding, another animal disease row is simmering in this country. Hog cholera is threatening Taiwan's US $43 billion pork industry as

Mad cows on net The newest site where the mad cow disease has struck is the Web. The research group CAB International hassetupahomepage at

Sweden may be trying hard to control the phenomenon of acid rain, but the end result is another crisis at hand a dwindling Population of the moose

ANOTHER addition to the growing list of new maladies is the buffalo pox disease. The recent outbreak of the disease in Beed district of Maharashtra has raised concerns among Indian scientists

Beef, the staple food of the British, finds itself out of favour as a ban on its sale sweeps across UK and also the European Union

THE almost month-long European hysteria over British beef being infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or what is now popularly called the Mad Cow Disease, has global implications

'Infected' British beef is being banned all over Europe