A contagious disease, similar to rinderpest and first observed in the Ivory Coast in 1940, has surfaced among sheep and goats in south India

Bird flu in Bangladesh Nearly 2,000 chickens have been culled in a village in northern Bangladesh after the H5N1 bird flu virus was detected at a poultry farm in the last week of December. This

The EU council of ministers has agreed to introduce electronic tags for millions of sheep and goats across Europe by the end of 2009. The move is part of a strategy to prevent epidemics of contagious

>> Authorities confirmed an outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu strain in Suffolk county, the UK, on November 13. An exclusion zone was imposed at the site and about 6,000 poultry were ordered to be

>> About 500,000 hill lambs suspected of foot and mouth disease will be culled and incinerated in Wales and Scotland over the next few weeks to avoid a

• China refuted a recent US National Academy of Sciences report, which notes that a new strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus has emerged in southern China. • Argentine President Nestor

The news that Indian poultry in parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat have been detected with the deadly avian influenza virus may have temporarily shaken chicken eaters in the country. But it will be a

UK researchers claim the Mad Cow disease is caused by Indian animal feed imports; India rubbishes hypothesis

A black countdown in West Bengal, India

Their name is but a sign of human ignorance and does not deny them their rightful place in this world. But the wild devils of Australia's Tasmania state are in grave danger, facing the threat of