European beef has been banned in Argen

The whole world is at risk of the mad cow disease, says WHO

Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (fda) has imposed a ban on the imports of beef from

Agricultural authorities of South Africa have recently reported a new

The arrival of humans in America led to the extinction of almost 130 faunal species. A British Broadcasting Corporation report indicates that early immigrants brought with them deadly viruses that

A UN Forum on Forests has been established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The forum has been set up to promote the management and conservation of all types of forests. It also

The Argentinean government has ordered 3,000 cattle to be killed, after ten Paraguayan cattle were found to be infected with antibodies of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease. According

in the last ten years, exotic diseases affecting the livestock have led to a loss of Rs 500 crore. This was stated by the Union agriculture minister, Nitish Kumar. The diseases - 39 listed so far -

Was the real killer an infection or negligence?

The sarcoptic mange (an itching disease that afflicts hairy and wooly animals) epidemic that killed several infant chimpanzees a few years ago in Tanzania's Gombe National Park is "most likely over",