The sarcoptic mange (an itching disease that afflicts hairy and wooly animals) epidemic that killed several infant chimpanzees a few years ago in Tanzania's Gombe National Park is "most likely over",

Foot and mouth disease has broken out in Livingstone and surrounding areas. Humphrey

more than a hundred cows have died in a span of four months in Rajasthan's Sar region, 23 km from Jodhpur. Though authorities have refused to give any reason for the deaths, it is said that the

Although Canada's west coast is known for disputes over the Pacific salmon, wild salmon in the north Atlantic Ocean and farm-raised salmon have been making headlines. The salmon population in the

Scientists find out how anthrax kills. It may not be very long before we have an antidote to the dreaded bacterium

Pollution could be the cause of a distressing disease that is killing African elephants by paralysing their trunks. Experts from the

The Union government is expected to sanction about Rs 4,000 crore per annum for implementing various watershed programmes throughout the country, says G B Singh, deputy director general, National

The length of worms is determined by the hosts

A method used to slaughter cattle may spread mad cow disease

iodine is an essential element involved in maintaining relatively constant conditions in the body and in the constitution of thyroxin, a hormone necessary for the regulation of growth and other