poultry farms across north India are facing a mysterious viral disease. As many as two million birds have fallen prey to the illness and the economic loss has already mounted to more than Rs 60 crore. Even as the authorities final diagnosis is long overd

RESOURCES AND RIGHTS: Even as the debate over access and benefit sharing of genetic resources rages on in the world, plans for a legally binding protocol have begun to take shape in the Convention

the ebola virus is threatening lowland gorillas of central Africa, states the World Conservation Union (iucn). The warning is significant as the area has one of the largest concentrations of these

Both her birth and death stirred a raging debate. Dolly the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell was put to death on February 14, 2003. The six year old sheep was suffering from the fatal progressive lung disease

The West Nile disease is showing no sign of abating in the us. After claiming 71 human lives and wiping out colonies of birds, the virus killed hundreds of horses. Its latest victims are dogs and

A new enemy may be threatening Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A condition scientists are calling white syndrome was found on 33 of 48 reefs surveyed in the national marine park, said Australian

The foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a recurring menace for the people of Chhukha dzongkhag (district) in Bhutan. Fed up with the frequent outbreaks, Chhukha has embarked upon a mass immunisation

Warming climate spawns disease epidemics

The fear of an epidemic is sweeping Israel with the first case of mad cow disease having been reported in the country. The disease was found in a cow in a farming settlement in the Israeli-occupied

The foot-and-mouth disease has reared its ugly head once again in South Korea. Tens of thousands of pigs have been slaughtered in the country as the dreaded disease has shown signs of spreading. The