The length of worms is determined by the hosts

A method used to slaughter cattle may spread mad cow disease

iodine is an essential element involved in maintaining relatively constant conditions in the body and in the constitution of thyroxin, a hormone necessary for the regulation of growth and other

A health ministry official in Bangkok said recently that anthrax-hit Thailand will closely monitor a similar outbreak of the disease in Australia before banning the entry of beef and dairy imports

The king of all animals in the Serengati game reserve, Tanzania, is facing annihilation. Lions in the game reserve are dying in hundreds from canine distemper disease they contracted from pet dogs,

The mad cow controversy has raised its ugly head once again. An as yet unpublished study conducted by British government scientists says that hundreds of Britons are likely to die every year

beef is bad, really. All speculations can now be put to rest with the confirmation through a study that eating a

in a bid to restore consumer confidence, shaken to core due to the mad cow

the controversial rabbit calicivirus will be let loose on purpose in Australia, end of September, to decimate the rabbit population which has caused havoc in the island continent. Amidst fears

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