As the red jungle fowl started travelling across the globe, its connections to different aspects of human life also grew. It assumed the responsibility of sounding the wake-up call to humans. Because

The red jungle fowl (RJF) is one of the four jungle fowls found in the Indian subcontinent belonging to the genus Gallus, the other three being grey, Ceylon and green. It is also know as Gallus

Lethal infections are killing off populations of creatures ranging from vultures to kangaroos, from coral to honeybees and from amphibians to reptiles. More than pollution, diseases spread by humans

New findings suggest the vulture might be falling prey to an infectious disease. The scientific community is not yet certain if the vulture s drooping head explains it all

A local remedy for controlling a parasitic disease works wonders for sheepbreeders in the Peruvian highlands

uk's penguin population is being severely hit by a brain disease believed to be linked to an outbreak of bird malaria. All 26 rare penguins at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire have died and Edinburgh

Britain plans to kill as many as 20,000 badgers in several hot spots for bovine tuberculosis over the next four years. But the move is facing stiff internal opposition.

SCIENTISTS are studying the potential for a new, more potent strain of the rabbitkilling calicivirus after the failure of the existing virus in large parts of Australia's temperate regions. The

TOXIC industrial chemicals have been discovered in the tissues of whales that normally feed in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Even though the quantities found may not be harmful, their

polar bear cubs have been found with severe deformities in the Norwegian Arctic territory. Pollution levels are known to be high in this region. Researchers have found some of the bears with