uk's penguin population is being severely hit by a brain disease believed to be linked to an outbreak of bird malaria. All 26 rare penguins at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire have died and Edinburgh

Britain plans to kill as many as 20,000 badgers in several hot spots for bovine tuberculosis over the next four years. But the move is facing stiff internal opposition.

SCIENTISTS are studying the potential for a new, more potent strain of the rabbitkilling calicivirus after the failure of the existing virus in large parts of Australia's temperate regions. The

TOXIC industrial chemicals have been discovered in the tissues of whales that normally feed in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Even though the quantities found may not be harmful, their

polar bear cubs have been found with severe deformities in the Norwegian Arctic territory. Pollution levels are known to be high in this region. Researchers have found some of the bears with

Ethnic veterinary medicine is effective, cheap and accessible. Above all, it recognises the fact that no one knows an animal better than its keeper

REELING under economic hardships, people of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Are afflicted these days with a new problem - an army of 10,000 stray dogs infected with rabies. The authorities have

it is showdown time once again in Europe as uk channelises efforts towards reneging its promise of culling more than 125,000 cattle heads, touted as the only measure to reduce the risk of

"Mad cows aside, why cat meat at all?" is the question being posed by some today. The disease has managed to reopen the familiar debate on the advantages and the wisdom of adopting