A study of abnormal mice reveals why we have five fingers on each hand. If animals grow more than five digits other bones in the limb become distorted to the point where the animal cannot walk or run

at least 200 horses died during 1999-2000 at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chennai, because of non-adherence to any scientific protocol for production of anti-snake venom serum (

The foot-and-mouth disease

Fearful of infecting rare animals with the foot-and-mouth epidemic sweeping uk , officials at the Woburn Safari Park in UK have begun culling the captive deer to feed the lions and tigers. They

Human anthrax in India may be linked to the falling vulture population believe wildlife scientists in India. Animal anthrax remains endemic in India because of inadequate vaccination. The lack of

Human persecution is the main cause behind the high mortality of vultures in India

The food and mouth disease spreads panic across the world and raises several questions about livestock culling

Only a sea change in farming techniques will help save the European agricultural sector from disasters like the foot and mouth disease

European beef has been banned in Argen

The whole world is at risk of the mad cow disease, says WHO