KOHIMA, Jan 4: With an annual production of over 200 metric tons, beekeeping in Nagaland has become a lucrative business. Traditional beekeepers, with help and support from the Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM), have developed beekeeping into a mini industry, producing one of the finest quality honey in the world.

Apiculture has  developed in to an important  industry in India  as honey and bee­wax have become  common products.  Recently a  sharp decline in population of honey bees has  been observed in Kerala. Although the bees  are  susceptible to diseases  and attacked by natural enemies like wasps, ants and wax moth, constant vigilance on the part of the bee keepers can over come these adverse conditions. The present plunge in population (

Ayurveda prescribes it for a range of ailments. People eat it for rejuvenation and boosting immunity. An Indian homemaker

India's leading brands of honey contain high levels of antibiotics.

In what may be a case of adopting double standard, India allows export of top quality, pure honey to US and Europe, but turn a blind eye to sale of antibiotic-laden honey in the domestic market.

A survey of 12 popular honey brands including two imported products available in the Indian market shows almost all of them contain high levels of antibiotics, used by the beekeeping industry to control

A study by Centre for Science and Environment indicates that meat, milk, poultry may also be laced

Sreejiraj Eluvangal NEW DELHI
Our cities might be sitting on top of a volcano of antibiotic contamination of food items, according to a study by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).
Highlighting extensive antibiotic abuse, the study has found disturbingly high levels of anti

Caption:Antibiotics fed to bees for commercial purposes are dangerous to consumers, says a new study. File photo

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New Delhi, Sept 15: Leading Indian and foreign brands of honey have high levels of antibiotics, which could pose major health problems and increase resistance to certain drugs, a study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) revealed on Wednesday.

The study included leading companies such as Dabur, Himalaya and Baidyanath among the 12 brands chosen for testing.

CSE study finds antibiotic contamination in honey

Shillong: Nectar, a symbol of well-being and natural purity, is contaminated with high levels of antibiotics, and transformed into honey by bees is bad for your health.

CSE finds high levels of antibiotics in leading brands of honey sold in Delhi, points to double standards in regulations as foreign brands sold in India also have contamination.