The Brazilian alcohol programme, focussing exclusively on the industrial-scale production of ethanol, has been successfully operating for more than thirty years. This article discusses how the same can be accomplished for cooking and household energy - a Proalcool movement for the household.

With a project that originally began in 1998 with the work of
Dr. Ing. Elmar Stumpf at the University of Hohenheim in Germany,

One of the outreach projects implemented by DAPP Child Aid in the Chibombo District in Zambia is the GVEP International - Gaia Movement

Over 83% of rural families living in the Amazonian jungle of Peru have no access to electrical energy because of the difficulty and high cost of extending the electricity grid to the region. The sustainable use of biomass to generate energy could make a significant contribution in this regard, in particular in the form of liquid biofuels such as biodiesel and vegetable oils.

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