Present aims to discuss innovative features and systems approach adopted in implementing time bound and technology based developmental projects under the Science and Society Programme of Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi which have resulted in some technology models/packages for rural application and poverty reduction showing potential for replication in other areas.

The introduction of improved cookstoves is a means to reduce the consumption of cooking energy and, in the case this energy is consumed in the form of wood or charcoal, to reduce or slow down deforestation. Before introducing improved stoves data should be available concerning the fuel savings that can be expected from the improved stoves compared to the traditional cookstoves. March 2005

Despite many studies looking at levels of indoor air pollution, successful initiatives to reduce the burden of ill health are few. One reason may be some commonly held beliefs, especially among those not directly involved in household energy, on some key issues in this field. ITDG has been collaborating on smoke alleviation with the University of Liverpool and other groups internationally for several years. This discussion is based on approaches adopted through two on-going projects funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in Kenya, Nepal and Sudan. March 2005

The Indian Science Congress 2001 represented the state of science in India

"Children in India remain

The discussions at the conference were like old wine in old bottles

To meet the power demands of rice mills, a small-scale unit based

Whenever the issue of urban smog due to diesel exhaust emissions is raised, auto companies vie that diesel is the answer to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), the main greenhouse gas.

Technologies developed keeping rural India in mind

India s waste problem is serious, says expert