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Much of the enormous water resources in India

A team of international experts is working on a project to develop a low-cost, easy-to-use device for testing water quality. tom kendall talks to stephen gundry of the University of Bristol, the uk, who leads the initiative, Aquatest Project. What

Historically, technology development for rural areas has followed tinkering approach or use of rudimentary technology. It is shown that very sophisticated science and technology is needed for producing devices for rural applications. This process can also result in fundamental research.

The removal of fluoride from synthetic sample by adsorption on activated carbon prepared from gulmohar fruit shell was studied to determine the effects of dosages and pH accordingly to equilibrium and kinetics. The removal of fluoride by adsorption was studied on two types of carbons i.e., physically activated and chemically activated with I.R's of 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75.

Water stress is a major problem affecting the future of human societies around the world, particularly in the rural areas of the developing world. The Newsmakers article "Barrn to lush" (2 May, p. 593) highlighted an award for the invention of a new manual pump used for irrigation in rural Africa. We fully respect and admire the invention of efficient and affordable pumping systems to solve water shortage problems in rural areas. However, we are concerned about the intensive application of these new pumps to water-limited systems. (Letters)

Everyone gets inspiration from mother. But here is a story of a young innovator who not only got inspired by his mother but also relieved the pain and suffering of all the mothers of his community. The financial condition of his society has improved a lot due to his innovation, the automatic Asu machine. It has revived the dying silk sari of Pochampalli variety. Innovation rewriting the history.

Over the past decade, thousands of families in Rajasthan's remote villages have installed solar lighting systems at their homes, which harness solar energy to generate electricity.

How can the voiceless possibly have a voice of their own if the technology is beyond their reach? Community radio technology is simple, accessible and affordable. This is a far cry from the transmitter, antenna and tower erection costs that established and authorised technology players in India have spouted forth. (April 2008)

Water supply through gravity flow mechanism to rural homes, especially in tribal areas, can be regarded as a key component of rural development. A simple and sustainable concept, it has successfully provided a continuous water supply to rural villages. In gravity flow, water is harnessed by estimating the flow of its pressure from the water source and storing it in a water tank from where it is supplied to all households. Gram Vikas, a rural development organization in Orissa, uses this eco-friendly technology to help the people of tribal and rural areas.