The validity of traditional ecological practices, in terms of sustainability, has to be examined scientifically

Officials in the department of science and technology (DST) have woken up to the necessity of low-cost housing. The department has set rolling a project to develop low-cost houses that are adapted to

Twenty-two years ago, the publication of a book, Indian Science and Technology in the 18th Century, by an unknown Gandhian, DHARAMPAL, took the academic world by storm. Until then, science in India was thought to be a Western import. Apologists of the Bri

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi takes a keen interest in the development of her country's science and technology. Here, she talks to Anil Agarwal

The fireless cooker is a little-used but valuable technology, comprising an insulated basket into which pre-heated food is left to cook in its own heat. During the recent Practical Action smoke alleviation project, the first fireless cooker demonstration used very smart baskets and expensive foodstuffs. The women felt it was 'too expensive' for them.

Solar power in India has immense potential, provided it is supported by the right financial products, Dr Harish Hande, managing director, SELCO Solar Light and winner of the Ashden and AcelorMittal Boldeness Business Awards, tells Sheetal Vyas in a candid chat.