How plugging a loophole may create a flaw in a convention

Despite international regulations and campaigning by environmentalists, hazardous waste continues to be dumped in India

In urging free import of zinc ash, which is often contaminated, Planning Commission member G Thimmiah has shown scant respect for the environment

The national committee to look into the management of hazardous wastes met for the first time in New Delhi

India, seen as a dumpyard by the developed countries for toxic wastes, is under pressure not to ratify the Basel Ban

Eighty four nations may have agreed to ban the export of poisonous wastes, but major players in the trade like Germany could ruin the agreement even before it takes shape

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The draft "Hazardous Materials Rules 2007' put up on the MoEF website in September this year for public comments has changed the definition of hazardous waste by replacing the word

Le Clemenceau is undoubtedly big. It has dominated more than its fair share of media space. But it does deserve it. Not because of its scale or the fact that it is carrying asbestos, whether in its cargo or its structure.

World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002