THIS book records the proceedings of the satellite symposium on

biotechnology and bioresources are two issues that have been in conflict for a while. Biotechnology, proposed as "the technology of the next century', has its proponents in the developed countries

A Brazilian judge has asked the Monsanto Com

Biotechnology issues pose tremendous challenges for developing countries. As a member of the World Trade Organisation, India will have to gear up to protect its biodiversity, the interests of its indigenous communities and their know how

a number of European countries have refused to support an attempt by the European Commission to prohibit national import bans on genetically engineered maize by Novartis, the multinational

The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has developed a bioreactor technology that would help increase output in gold mines. Metallurgy involving bioabsorption and bioremediation is a cheaper

THERE is a growing demand for food, fibre, fodder and fuel as population pressure is skyrocketing. This has been furthered by the problems already existing in the agriculture sector. The

USING one of nature's amazing biological postmen - the harmless sendai virus (discovered in Japan some 50 years ago) - Delhi University biochemists have come up with an injectible system for

A team of researchers from the Delhi-based Centre for Biochemical Technology (CBT) has recently formulated an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (Elisa) -- an immune-based test kit -- for the early

And now genetically altered microorganisms that self destruct once they've fulfilled their mission