Using a nexus approach, this study synthesises current knowledge on India’s food, water and energy (FEW) footprint, and assesses the possible future global impact of India’s demand for these resources. It offers resource efficiency measures adopted in India which may find resonance with Low Income Countries.

The right to water and sanitation is necessary for the enjoyment of other human rights, including the right to life and human dignity, the right to health, the right to adequate food, the right to development and the right to a healthy environment.

"Right to Water and Sanitation", is a briefing paper (draft)of WaterAid India, based on secondary research. It reviews the current status of drinking water and sanitation in India and concludes that viewing the issue of water and sanitation as a fundamental human right, is necessary to ensure the provision of these basic facilities of the majority of the population in the country.

Drought swept Bundelkhand desperately needs a drinking water

Access to safe drinking water is crucial for a country's socio-economic development. This paper examines the problems affecting water quality in India's villages and advocates a holistic and people-centred approach of water management.

GEAC orders destruction of transgenic cotton grown illegally. The affected farmers demand compensation

It is time proponents of large dams opened their eyes to scientific proof that establishes the efficacy of small water harvesting structures in fighting drought

This publication documents traditions, practices technologies and policies of water harvesting in the country. It also assesses state government efforts to deal with drought. The book has a clear message for the thirsty times ahead: Water must be made everybody's business.

the book is truly an international effort, both in terms of contributors as well as the content. With articles autho

A campaign by an organisation to clean up the polluted lakes of Udaipur has finally paid off. The Rajasthan High Court clamps down on erring government officials