Lack of transparency afflicts India s biotech industry

Genetic resources or biological materials derived from plants and animals remain the the basis for improvement of agricultural crops and for medicines for 75 per cent of the world's population. The

Monsanto gets the nod to carry out trials of its GMOs

The advocates of agricultural biotechnology maybe overselling the usefulness of the genetically modified

the Karnataka government has recently launched an ambitious plan that aims at making the state the most attractive investment destination for multinational biotech firms. "Bangalore is already

Pollutants in the environment cause dreaded diseases like cancer by mutating some genes. Scientists have begun to explore the human genome to trace these genes

The US and Indian business lobby along with the Union government gang up to educate the public about biotechnology

the biotech industry in the us is receiving brickbats from all directions. Some key grain processors, such as A E Staley Manufacturing, which is the us corn processing unit of

At a recent session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (csd), scientists, non-governmental organisations (ngo), farmers and industrialists discussed various farming methods

It is good to hear Western leaders say the genetic secrets of human life should be used for public good