SHEEP treated with a protein found in the salivary glands of male mice can shed their fleece on their own. Scientists use the protein produced artificially through genetic manipulation in a

The days ahead are gloomy for the biotechnology industry in the United States, if the present downturn in the market persists.

A Pune based research institute has developed a process that employs earthworms to remove impurities from waste water.

The manner in which marijuana and heroin affect the brain can provide useful clues to developing more effective painkillers.

SEVERAL writers have made a name for themselves by publishing dire warnings to developing countries of the dangers posed by new technology from the West. Many wind up exaggerating and making

A JAPANESE company will soon begin manufacturing toilets incorporating biosensors that can detect diabetes. This will enable doctors in their clinics to monitor diabetes, especially in patients over

Despite advancements, research programmes in rice biotechnology heve drawn lukewarm response because it is felt that there is little money to be made from the new varities.

The Rockefeller Foundation aims at balancing priorities in rice biotechnology research between agronomic traits that would enable production in less favoured environments and properties that would help increase yield. There is alsd emphasis on achieving r

In 1992, the world moved several steps towards globalisation. But little attention was paid to the sharp economic, social and cultural divides. The rich world, troubled by recession, did not show much courage in dealing with them as it, too, began to feel

SCIENTISTS have enhanced the nutritional value of the potato by inserting a synthetic gene into the plant and are now considering how to use genetic engineering to provide the plant with