Microorganisms are proving to be cheaper, more efficient and cleaner at ore extraction than conventional mining techniques

US drug companies are responding to criticism of the high cost of prescription medicines by putting out a new message for consumers: "We are not out to fleece you. We are, in fact, toiling hard to

The 17th International Congress of Genetics highlighted the role that genetic technology could play in shaping our world.

The new trade order ordained by GATT affects India's entire economy. Some consider it a new form of colonialism, but others see it as a bountiful opportunity.

Scientists at the National Chemical Laboratory are working on rice biotechnology in order to develop more nutritious varieties of the cereal.

A recent meeting on biological diversity failed to establish ground rules for implementation, as the participating nations were totally unwilling to yield.

THIS YEAR'S Nobel prize -- worth $825,000 -- for physiology and medicine has been awarded jointly to UK's Richard Roberts and USA's Phillip Sharp for their 1977 discovery of "split genes". The

Scientists say a pair of genes are responsible for lending colour to animal furs.

A cure for influenza and a substance harder than diamond: two of the products conjured up by designer science

THE DAYS of the European corn borer, a notorious maize pest found in North America and Europe, seem numbered now that researchers have been able to inject into susceptible crops a gene