the Sri Lankan government gazetted regulations for the import of genetically modified (gm) food on August 3, 2006, making labelling and pre-import approvals mandatory. The rules will be enforced

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India looks to open agriculture to US corporates

The seeds of a plant called jatropha yield oil that, after processing, makes biodiesel. It can reduce India s burgeoning oil import bill. And there s lots of money to be made. But who will earn? What land will be used for this? down t

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Between NGOs, expert body on GM crops issue

Rice the staple food of 65 per cent of India s population is in for a revolution. An Indian firm has developed a technique to develop genetically modified GM hybrids of the crop. If the method is given a green signal by the officials, then rice may

The Eurobarometer Survey measures the awareness and concerns of Europeans on important environmental issues. The fifth edition of the survey, conducted last year, focused on a few key questions, including what people think are the chief causes of pollutio

Scientists have come up with a home-grown genetically modified (gm) potato. This ubiquitous vegetable has now been fortified with proteins derived from an amaranth (Amaranthus) species through

President and chief executive of Monsanto Co Hendrik Verfaillie resigned following a series of losses. Monsanto is one of the biggest agriculture and biotechnology companies in the world. Verfaillie,