The Bio-safety Core Committee may give approval for introduction of genetically modified brinjal, known as Bt brinjal, in the country on Monday.

Karnataka HC dismisses petitions filed by UAS-D Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.

In a significant ruling, the High Court on Friday dismissed a petition by Mahyco Monsanto and others seeking to quash criminal proceedings against them, University of Agriculture Sciences (UAS), Dh

Karnataka High Court has dismissed petitions that sought quashing of criminal prosecution of senior representatives of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwar (UAS), M/s Mahyco/Monsanto and M/s Sathguru accused by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and Karnataka State Biodiversity Board (KBB) of committing serious criminal acts of biopiracy in promoting B.t. Brinjal.

The Supreme Court yesterday cleared the way for the government to release the genetically modified (GM) crop, Bt Brinjal, in the country.

Makes Codex Alimentarius Commission-based research a prerequisite

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) has developed some varieties of brinjal, resistant to the insect causing damage to the crop, said a press realease.

Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), has appealed to the government for approval to give the seeds of four Bt brinjal varieties to farmers.

An expert committee has termed sound all scientific findings concerning the country’s first genetically modified (GM) crop — Bt Brinjal — and is now preparing its review report on those for forward

GENETICALLY modified crops and vegetables may have become a rage worldwide but these food items, produced in artificial conditions with the aid of special proteins, are poor substitute for organic