This report examines the reality of GM crop production worldwide. It differentiates the claims from the reality, drawing evidence from the experiences of small farmers and the communities who live with GM.

Genetically modified Bt brinjal will be on sale along with indigenous varieties in the market as the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute refuses to follow the condition for its marketing set

This Report of the Committee on Agriculture deals with the action taken by the Government on the recommendations contained in the Thirty-seventh Report of the Committee on Agriculture (2012-2013) on "Cultivation of Genetically Modified Food Crops - Prospects And Effects" of The Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture and Cooperation)

Amid fears of adverse impacts of genetically-modified crop on biodiversity and human health, a limited produce of controversial Bt brinjal is likely to arrive on the local market in May.

Bangladesh Bank has asked scheduled banks to submit information about import of ‘controversial’ genetically modified soya bean oil as the importers are now importing the products violating the exis

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute is now developing genetically modified potato varieties after introducing first genetically modified vegetable Bt Brinjal amid strong protests from green

Thirty-five agricultural scientists, most of them associated with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), on Tuesday mooted the continuation of field trials of genetically modified (GM) crops under their guidance, without a no-objection certificate (NoC) from the respective state governments.

“Agriculture is a state subject, and state agricultural universities and agriculture departments of respective states must involve themselves in field trials for GM crops without losing time.

Country's private seed companies sought government permission to produce and market genetically engineered (GE) variety Bt Brinjal, officials said.

India has overtaken Canada to emerge as the fourth largest country to grow biotech or genetically modified (GM) crops in 2013 as farmers here planted Bt cotton in about 11 million hectares.

The government has allowed commercial cultivation of Bt cotton, while moratorium has been put on Bt brinjal