Studies have shown that adverse respiratory health effects seen in the people exposed to cement dust, exemplified in increased frequency of respiratory symptoms and decreased ventilatory function, observed among cement workers could not be explained by age, BMI and smoking, thus are likely to be caused by exposure to cement dust.

GUWAHATI, Dec 8: Another industry that gets a huge amount of transport subsidy in States in the Northeast is cement industry. Of all the industrial units of different kinds, it is the cement industrial units that have got a major chunk of the transport subsidy.
The cement manufacturing units of the region get limestone, one of the key inputs for cement industrial units, from Meghalaya.

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Panchayat, Rural Development and Social Justice Minister Gopal Bhargava said that the Madhya Pradesh Government has accepted a big challenge of constructing cement concrete roads in 52 thousand villages. He asked the construction agencies to use such techniques with which quality roads at less cost shall be constructed.

SHILLONG: In bid to generate additional resources and revenues for the education and sports sectors of the State, the Cabinet on Tuesday approved the Meghalaya Cement Cess Bill 2010. The Bill was earlier proposed by the Taxation department to generate additional revenues for the two important sectors.

Washington: Researchers have converted discarded plastic bottles in combination with soil to form a porous cement like substance that could be the construction material of the future.

It could also considerably ease ecological hazard caused by billions of plastic bottles discarded every year.

Naji Khoury, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Temple University

Lafarge India Pvt Ltd, which is planning to set up a cement plant at Nongkhlieh in Jaintia hills, today said the company was fully committed to environment protection and compliance with other statutory regulations.

The statement comes in the wake of recent protests by the people living in the proposed cement plant area, citing health hazards and loss of paddy fields.

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New Delhi: Lafarge

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The latest report on Enabling frameworks for technology diffusion , the WBCSD puts forward six key elements to enhance investments and sales of low-carbon technologies in developing countries. These range from government signals to foster low-carbon solutions to engaging business more actively into the international and national climate change process.