Having a kitchen in the house is a priority for an overwhelming majority of Malayalis, but safe drinking water remains a dream for more than 70 per cent of the households in the State while 3.8 per cent still defecate in the open.

The latest Census figures reveal that Kerala pales in comparison with most other States in access to piped drinking water. Only 29.3 per cent of the houses in the State are serviced by the water supply network and just 23.4 per cent get treated water.

New Delhi: Drinking water is supposed to be one of India’s success stories — the government says it met its Millennium Development Goal on water five years ahead of time, and that its rural drinkin

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Family size

The first set of final data from census 2011 further establishes India’s story of contradictions: with 63.2 per cent households owning a telephone connection, up from a mere 9.1 per cent 10 years a

Census sheds new light on changing nation

Though half of all Indians do not have a toilet at home, well over half own a telephone, new census data released on Tuesday show. These and many other contrasting facts of life have come out in Census 2011.

JAIPUR: The population and size of slums and underdeveloped areas in Jaipur are swelling with increased migration of people from rural areas to urban. Presently, more than half of the city's population resides in urban areas.

But 10 years ago, as per the 2001 Census, more than half of the population lived in rural areas here. But the 2011 Census shows more people are now living in urban areas, and points that since 2001, people have been continuously moving towards urban areas for employment.

These are highlights of the first phase of Census 2011 known as Houselisting and Housing Census. It indicates that there is a substantial improvement in the quality of housing both in rural and urban areas & says that around half of the households have drainage connectivity with two-third have the open drainage and one-third have the closed drainage.

Amid increasing pointers to a slowdown in the hinterland, the Government is planning to conduct its Sixth Economic Census in collaboration with states during the course of this year.

Rajasthan will soon accord the bio-diversity rich Jawai Bandh forests in Pali district the status of a conservation reserve.

The Delhi Government will work in the direction of zero tolerance to female foeticide and provide all opportunities to the girl child so that there is no ground to discriminate between a daughter a