June 4, 2001: The Rajasthan irrigation department gives a notice to Tarun Bharat Sangh ( tbs ) calling the johad built by the Lava ka Baas villagers is unsafe. It directs tbs to see that

Water laws in India are archaic and anti-

All attempts by cse coordinator Indira Khurana to meet Rajasthan irrigation minister Kamla Beniwal went in vain. The minister refused to give an appointment. Khurana was directed to speak to the

To fight drought, the Madhya Pradesh government embarked on a water conservation drive in February this year with its Pani Roko Abhiyan (Stop Water Campaign). The state administration geared up

PPP MPA Jam Tamachi accused WAPDA of conspiring for the construction of the Kalabagh Dam. Speaking on a point of order in the Sindh Assembly, Tamachi referred to the extreme load shedding, which lasts for up to 20 hours in the rural areas of Sindh, and said that not only WAPDA but KESC was also causing much discomfort in Sindh and no one knows how and when these problems will be redressed.

Japan has agreed to provide assistance for three projects, including Karachi Circular Railway project (KCR), sixth secondary transmission and grids project of Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gepco) and New Khanki Barrage. Japan may make formal announcement in the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) meeting scheduled in Tokyo on April 17.

Various farmers/agriculturist bodies have accused the caretaker government of releasing 600,000 acre feet of water in January from the reservoirs to produce electricity instead of conserving it for cr

Uttar Pradesh's Bundelkhand region has been devastated by drought and other adverse weather conditions over the past four years. Madhaiya Anghela village in Madhogarh sub-division of Jalaun district

How will vast regions of India, where highly unreliable rainfall makes the difference between famine and sustenance, cope with climate change? Over 85 per cent of the cultivated area in this country