There is euphoria in the villages which have harvested rain. Overcoming hurdles, village communities learn the first lesson in water management

Only a strong political commitment for water conservation will ensure the survival of these structures

Keshubhai Patel Chief minister, Gujarat On overflowing check dams: We needed a permanent solution that not only drought-proofs the state but also provides livelihoods. The effort is to trap

Digvijay Singh Chief minister, Madhya Pradesh On institutionalisation of structures: They are already public property. They were built according to needs of the people. For example, the

Government watershed programmes run for a limited period. The impractical timeframe threatens to undo the goodwork

Investment in water is an insurance against poverty and drought. Down To Earth reporters visited the eight villages below during the droughts of 2000 and 2001. These villages have several years of

The government NGO friction at Lava ka Baas has opened a Pandora s box water ownership, archaic laws and hopeful communities that want to hold on to the assets they have created

Along with Tarun Bharat Sangh ( tbs)

June 4, 2001: The Rajasthan irrigation department gives a notice to Tarun Bharat Sangh ( tbs ) calling the johad built by the Lava ka Baas villagers is unsafe. It directs tbs to see that

Water laws in India are archaic and anti-