Blame it on urbanization or climate change, a compilation of weather data over the years proves what Chennaiites have always known - that the city is getting hotter.

: Even as the debate on climate change and global warming rages on, several Hyderabadis are convinced that the climate is changing and directly affecting their lives.

At a time when the state urban forestry department has embarked upon increasing the green cover in Chennai and distributed more than one lakh saplings, a survey has found that most Chennaiites are

Cities across the country have widely disparate opinions on how to prioritise environmental protection and development, despite greenery giving way to the choke of urban sprawl.

Of the 1,122 samples of potable water collected from homes in six districts in Tamil Nadu, NGO Consumers Association of India (CAI) found that at least 50 per cent of the water had E.

Most of us have the habit of drinking water right out of bubble-top cans without qualms. But is the canned ‘mineral water’ safe enough?

The city's garbage generation has increased by an astonishing 400 tonnes per day.

The cyclone warning dissemination system (CWDS) at Ripon Buildings is being upgraded to work on direct-to-home (DTH) based equipment.

Throwing out your old computer in a garbage dump may lead to mercury poisoning and a possible brain stroke. Confused?

Mangoes ripened by using chemicals sold in local markets of Janakpur have started making people ill.