An estimated 114 species of migratory birds have visited the Chilika lake from the Caspian region, Lake Baikal, Russia and South Eastern parts Himalayas this winter to feed and breed, according to the State Forest and Environment Department sources.

Akshaya Kumar Sahoo

The State Board for Wildlife, the high-power body chaired by the chief minister Naveen Patnaik, has not met even once in the last two years
MASSIVE URBANISATION and industrialisation in Orissa is now taking its toll on the wildlife resources.

BHUBANESWAR, 6 SEPT: Famous brackish-water lake Chilika is all set to find a place among the world


BHUBANESWAR: Six years after a bill to regulate fishing in Chilika lake failed to get passed in the Assembly, the State Government is again contemplating bringing a similar legislation to put a break on such illegal activities which have taken serious proportion.

BERHAMPUR: Many migratory birds flocking Chilika Lake, the biggest waterfowl habitat in the country, are staying back in the lake instead of returning to their original nests in summer, according to a study.

The critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins here in the Chilika Lake which are a tourist attraction generating Rs 80 crore in annual revenue may be coming to harm from increasing noise pollution from private tourist boats.

CUTTACK: The famous Binjharpuri, Motu, Ghumsuri and Khariar cattle as well as the Chilika buffalo of Orissa have finally gained recognition as indigenous breeds of the country.

BHUBANESWAR: Some of the critically-important coastal eco-systems of Orissa are set to get a special mention when the Centre restores the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) 1991 with certain amendments shortly.

Both Bhitarkanika and Chilika figure in the draft for the significance they hold to the Indian coast.

Coastal areas of Orissa State in the northeastern part of the Indian peninsula are potentially vulnerable to accelerated erosion hazard. Along the 480-km coastline, most of the coastal areas, including tourist resorts, hotels, fishing villages, and towns, are already threatened by recurring storm flood events and severe coastal erosion.

Tourism employs bird hunters to guard winged visitors of Chilika lake : a report.