Poachers cross the line, protect birds.

Tourism employs bird hunters to guard winged visitors of Chilika lake : a report.

Peatlands juggle with carbon dioxide and methane, global warming wins. The contribution of peatlands to fluctuation in atmospheric content of carbon and methane has long been a matter of debate. How seriously should they be taken in the context of global warming?
Several studies dug into the history of peatland formation to see if it had impacted the earth

Enough of carbon talks. Here

AT ANY time, maize plants are in danger of being dismembered by the vicious western corn rootworm larvae. When under attack, the plants call the emergency service for help. This service is provided by beneficial nematode worms that are specialized in killing the enemy. The plant secretes a volatile compound to call for their help. The larvae of the western corn rootworm (Diabrotica

CHANDAN CHAKRABORTY is an oncologist with a practice in Kolkata. He specializes in cancers of the colon and rectum. During a conversation about his daily endeavours, he mentioned an occupational hazard:

Living with plant roots, they

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