Looking at household dynamics in relation to gender is crucial for successful household energy interventions. Women

Access to modern forms of energy continues to elude the majority of households in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and only about 30% of the population has access to electricity while 90% relies on traditional fuels for cooking and heating. The central question addressed in this review is whether or not SSA can provide access to modern energy services for its entire population by 2030.

01 Sep 2009

There has been a growing interest in the issue of black carbon -- light absorbing carbon particles, also called soot in our world. It was earlier believed that these particles cooled the Earth, now scientists say the impact is the reverse. The particles absorb sunlight and warm up the atmosphere and so the earth. Also, deposits on snow, absorb sunlight and so heat and melt the glaciers.

Traditional stoves generate large quantities of smoke and suspended particulate matter while only 10-40% of released energy tranfers to pot. This research paper describes design steps with experiments carried out for charcoal stove named SEES to interlink energy efficiency and various design parameters.

The need to meet the growing energy demand from Zambia

Accurately determining stove use is important in assessing the impacts and dissemination dynamics of improved stoves programmes. It is also a key component in the calculation of emission reductions for trading carbon offsets, understanding

The evaluation of household energy programmes is a complex and demanding task, but also very important and worthwhile. In this article, a team from the University of Liverpool presents a range of issues that arose from a series of evaluation studies,

lpg is possibly the most viable of all cooking fuels today, but even a debate on the issue is meaningless unless there are vigorous government efforts to promote healthy fuels

The oxidising property of cigarette and chulha smoke is one of the factors being linked by researchers to the formation of eye cataract.