US farmers appeal for commercial hemp farming Two farmers in the US state of North Dakota are appealing against a lower court's decision over commercial hemp farming. The lawsuit aims to end

Supa dam was built on the Kali river for supplying water to forest-based industries. In October 1972, prime minister Indira Gandhi promised a compensation package for the 1,113 affected families from 44 villages. Though the families wanted the fertile Gobral village near Dandeli, the state refused since the area was under dense teak plantation. A state government-appointed committee look into the resettlement found Ramnagar unsuitable for cultivable. The government then promised irrigation facilities and the families had to move to Ramnagar in 1981. The promise hasn't materialized.

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Nigeria sues Tobacco company: The Nigerian government has filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Abuja against tobacco companies British-American Tobacco, Philip Morris International and

india suffers considerable losses due to crop damage every year. assocham has pegged this loss at Rs 140,000 crore for 2006-07. Unfortunately, there is no way to ascertain whether this or similar

The tussle on the Colombia-Ecuador border over the spraying of herbicide by Colombia has taken a new turn. The spraying, done to eradicate coca plantations, had driven many Colombians to take

It's not often that villagers done in by powerful mining interests can take them on and win. But that's exactly what's happened in Goa, with the Panaji bench of the Bombay High Court directing six

It was a bright sunny morning when I reached the Bakhira lake. Bakhira is reputed to be the biggest natural wetland in Uttar Pradesh and is known for its purple swamphens. The birds are known to be

compensating people for conservation is happening at a regional scale. Local residents of Jamestown in Rhode Island, us, are paying farmers to delay haying their fields until after birds have

Safety in mines has improved today compared to days of bonded mine labour. But mines which employ 1 per cent of the global labour force remain hazardous Over half the world's mining