A 400-strong group took part in a demonstration to remove miners and woodcutters from the Sarare indegenous area in the state of Mato Grosso on January 11. The demonstration was supported by the

The impasse at Agra reflect poorly on the goverkment's efforts to relocate industries and save the Taj

After the proposed Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa was discussed threadbare and opposed by many, the Greens succeeded in having the project shifted out

Mounting protests have greeted a Brazilian government proposal to construct a hydroelectric dam on the Cotingo River in the Serra/Raposa do Sol area in the northern part of the country. The project

DON'T KEEP guns at home for the temptation to use them may be too strong to control. According to a recent US study, firearms kept at home increase by three times the risk of murder by a family

IN BRAZIL'S worst such incident in nearly a century, gold miners illegally prospecting on the Yanomami reservation are believed to have massacred, with machetes and guns, 73 Indian tribals.

THE TITLE of Frederique Apffel Marglin and Tariq Banuri's book, Who will Save the Forests?, sounds more like a rhetorical question or an impassioned plea than the launch of a sophisticated academic

An American biologist claims that a pregnant woman and her foetus are constantly engaged in a struggle with each other

Despite the brouhaha for and against mining in Rajasthan, neither side supports its arguments with scientific evidence. An environmental impact assessment of Bijolia mining district by former Geological Survey of India director M L Jhanwar and N K Mahala

The town of Makrana disproves the contention that development will automatically result from mining activity