KENDRAPARA: About 30 salt-water crocodile nesting sites were spotted in creeks, nullahs and the river system of Bhitarkanika National Park by Forest officials during the ongoing nesting season.

Pune After a six-month wait, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has finally decided to trap the crocodile that was spotted in the Katraj Lake in November last year. An expert from the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, a Chennai-based group, will scan the lake for the crocodile on Sunday and trap it if spotted.

KENDRAPARA: The Bhitarkanika forest department has imposed a two-and-half-month ban from May 15 to July 31 on entry of tourists and visitors to Bhitarkanika National Park during the mating and nesting season of salt-water crocodiles.

The forest department will also renovate five ponds at the Crocodile Breeding Centre at Dangamala within the park, said Prasanna Kumar Behera, DFO of the park.

Bhubaneshwar: Orissa is in the grip of a killer heatwave, possibly the worst since 1998, with the maximum temperature remaining over 40 degree Celsius for the past three weeks in most parts of the state.

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Ahmedabad: After caging two leopards, Gandhinagar forest department is now on the prowl hunting for a crocodile. Security staff of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd spotted one in Narmada canal near Karai in Gandhinagar recently.

A team led by Mohammed Anees from Bangalore, launched the hunt on Tuesday night and after a nearly seven-hour search, they sighted the crocodile in the wee hours, at about 3.15 am on Wednesday

People of Gulbarga can now heave a sigh of relief, following the successful catching of a live crocodile in Sharanabasaveshwara tank, popularly known as the Appana Kere, in the heart of the City.

Jamshedpur, Mar 9: After the death of two leopards during the flash floods last year, Tata Steel Zoological Park is better prepared for the coming monsoon this time round.

The saltwater crocodile (SWC), Crocodylus porosus is perhaps the largest living reptile in the world. captive breeding of SWCs was initiated by the Forest Department of Orissa in 1975 at Dangmal, the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (BWLS). With increase in the SWC population, conflicts with humans and livestock also have been on the rise.

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kENDRAPARA: As many as 1572 estuarine crocodiles, including two measuring more than 20 feet, were sighted by the Forest officials in the water bodies of Bhitarakanika National Park during the week-long census. This was informed by Prasanna Kumar Behera, DFO of the park.

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