KOLKATA, 2 JAN: An enumeration of the crocodile population has been planned for the first time in the creeks and rivulets of the Sunderbans, Mr Pradip Vyas, director of Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve

Several animal species including gorillas in Rwanda and tigers in Bangladesh could risk extinction if the impact of climate change and extreme weather on their habitats is not addressed, a U.N.

Sundarban, the world’s largest mangrove forest, has become unsafe for many animals especially for tigers, deer and crocodiles due to rampant and indiscriminate animal poaching in the last few years

India’s largest crocodile bank situated here is gearing up to welcome four more crocodile species to its collection.

Apart from humans, the tigers of Sunderbans now have a new threat — the crocodiles.

The number of critically endangered gharial (Gavialis gangetics) has increased to 102 from 81 in 2008, according to a recent census.

Gharial was listed as a critically endangered species in the Red Data Book of the World Conservation Union in 2007.

SASAN: A four-year old leopard was caught from Ishwaria area in the Dedakadi range. It was among several leopards caught close to human habitats. When the attacks on livestock and big cats prowling close to human dwellings became frequent, foresters tagged this leopard with a micro chip before releasing it in Lipapani area. A month later the same leopard was rescued from a well in Kotdi area.

Worried over the declining turtle population in the country, the Zoological Survey of India is in the process of undertaking a new survey of fresh water turtles inhabiting the Ganga to collect scientific knowledge on the current population and bio-ecology of the endangered species.

The research is being led by Doon-based Dr Archana Bahugna, a ZSI scientist specialising in Mammology and will col

KENDRAPARA: As many as 1,654 estuarine crocodiles, including four crocodiles measuring more than 20 feet, were sighted by the forest officials in the water bodies at Bhitarkanika National Park during the recent census.

DFO of the Park Manoj Kumar Mohapatra said the recent census report indicates that the population of the endangered reptiles marginally increased as last year the forest officia

Rockhampton: Australian residents fled their homes and sandbagged properties on Tuesday as a major town was threatened by a worsening flood disaster which unleashed a plague of snakes and crocodiles.

Tens of thousands of people in Rockhampton braced for complete isolation as waters which have closed the town