Himalayas are warming about three times faster than the global average temperature during the last 25 year period, says a new study.

The government has accorded priority to building storage-type hydropower projects in a bid to provide a long-term solution to the ongoing power crisis.

The number of critically endangered gharial (Gavialis gangetics) has increased to 102 from 81 in 2008, according to a recent census.

Gharial was listed as a critically endangered species in the Red Data Book of the World Conservation Union in 2007.

Marking a step towards achieving the national goal of universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation by 2017, Kaski in the Western Development Region will be formally declared the first open defecation free (ODF) district in the country on Friday.

Community forestry has been rewarded with US$ 95,000 (approximately Rs 6.8 million) for reducing emissions in the atmosphere causing climate change through enhancement of carbon stocks and sustainable management of forests.

Representatives of three community forest users

Kaski district in the western region of the country has topped a list of 72 districts that has provided the people access to basic sanitation and drinking water facilities, a recent report published by WaterAid in Nepal said.

The report published in March this year has Bajura district in the far-west at the bottom of the list.