Call it a DNA digital Dewey Decimal System for all life on Earth.

Every species, from extinct to thriving, is set to get its own DNA barcode in an attempt to better track the ones that are endangered, as well as those being shipped across international borders as food or consumer products.

Researchers hope handheld mobile devices will be able to one day read these digital strips of rainbow-c

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Palanpur: Nakki lake is one of the biggest attractions for visitors to Mount Abu. Surrounded by green hills, the lake is very popular for its boat rides.

At least 280 crocodiles have escaped from a Mexican refuge near the Gulf of Mexico after heavy flooding caused by Hurricane Karl, Mexican media said Tuesday.

The endangered Morelet crocodiles were on the roam in six coastal areas in the Mexican state of Veracruz and residents were told not to try to capture or kill them, El Economista reported.

The governor of Veracruz told reporters about 2

Fifteen baby crocodiles born at Chhatbir Zoological Park three months ago have gone missing under mysterious circumstances over a couple of weeks.

Mumbai Days after a crocodile attacked a man at the Powai lake, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum security for devotees at the two immersion spots

Wildlife personnel in Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha have spotted 60 nesting sites of estuarine crocodiles, officials said.

The figure on the number of nests may increase as the counting process of estuarine nests will go on since the breeding season is not over.

Last year, 57 nesting sites had been spotted.

Population decline and a shift in the geographical distribution of some ectothermic animals have been attributed to climatic warming. Here, we show that rises in water temperature of a few degrees, while within the thermal window for locomotor performance, may be detrimental to diving behaviour in air-breathing ectotherms (turtles, crocodilians, marine iguanas, amphibians, snakes and lizards).

KENDRAPARA: About 50 saltwater crocodile nests have been spotted near the creeks, nullahs and river system under Bhitarkanika National Park by the forest officials, during the ongoing nesting season.

Mumbai: It came before the dinosaurs. It existed on this planet 350 million years ago, and survived for almost 80 million years before it became extinct. On Saturday, it will be back from the dead

The crocodile fear at Katraj lake has once again come to haunt the citizens as few tourists claimed that they had spotted crocodile during the visit. However, the administration which is refusing to halt boating in the lake will undertake search operation on Tuesday to ascertain whether the information was correct.