Police in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region said Saturday they had seized more than 3,600 smuggled crocodiles, saving them from being served as exotic dishes.

It is a tiny piece of heaven on the Odisha coast. The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is where the world's largest living reptile, the estuarine crocodile, is thriving amidst sylvan surroundings after having been brought back from the brink. But now there is trouble with the reptile population booming, posing a threat to the natural balance.

From a strength of 96 crocodiles in 1976, the population now stands at 1,646. A boat ride in some areas can yield crocodile sightings as frequent as one croc a minute, according to a conservationist.

Capturing of animals is also illegal especially if the animal is a species figures in the schedules of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and people who indulge in such publicity could also face action and arrests from the forest officials.

Araujo’s observations come even as the Wildlife Institute of India declared that leopards (which also are animals that are “rescued”) is occupying an even greater area of Goa’s forests.

Sri Lanka's environmentalists say that the people of certain areas of the island tend to catch the crocodiles and hand over them to the Wildlife Department.

The country's first ever crocodile park is to be set up on a 50 acre plot of land in Kiralakelle belonging to the Wild Life Conservation Department on the banks of the Nilwala Ganga to prevent the

Matara District government officials have discussed plans to establish a park for the crocodiles as a measure to prevent the deaths due to the croc attacks in the surrounding areas of Nilwala River

As Prem Sharma steps gingerly into the sand-filled chamber, lines of baby crocodiles basking in the warm sunshine splash into a pond, eyes glinting behind their long, thin snouts.

Rajasthan will soon accord the bio-diversity rich Jawai Bandh forests in Pali district the status of a conservation reserve.

KOLKATA: The first ever crocodile census was kicked off in the Sunderbans on Sunday.

For inhabitants of the Sundarban islands, the fear of crocodiles lurking in the estuaries is second only to that of tigers.