The findings were certified by veteri- nary experts sent in early 2008 by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. A report was submitted to the chief wildlife warden on February 26 which clearly concluded that the reptiles perished due to "visceral gout," a direct consequence of kidney failure. Sudhir K. Singh

Officials carry a crocodile to its farm in Vietnam's Kh

The Oriya name for the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is baula kumbhira, which literally means crazy crocodile. The moniker certainly rings true for people living in about 50 villages

In the Bombay Natural History Society Newsletter of April 1999, J C Daniel reports that the late raja of Kanika (a region that includes Bhitarakanika) had in his collection, a crocodile skull about a

Hardly a week passes without a report on attacks on livestock and humans by crocodiles from the Bhitarakanika sanctuary in Orissa. Saltwater crocodiles in the breeding centre in Bhitarakanika often

The online issue of the journal Science has shed new light on

• Japan's environment ministry is drafting a law that would require owners of "potentially dangerous animals, such as crocodiles and pythons,' to have microchips implanted in their pets. The cylindrical chips, about a centimetre-long, would carry information that would enable the authorities to trace the owners if the pets go missing.

Andaman villages now deal with crocodile menace

Bis Hazari lake in the buffer zone of Nepal's Royal Chitawan National Park (RCNP) is getting a facelift. Efforts are on to sanitise and beautify the picturesque waterbody. The district development

Killer Crocs Humans encroach and